To Roar Or Not To Roar

Okay all of us know that feeling when we know for sure that we like someone but know there is no way in HELL that we’re gonna tell them. We convince ourselves that we’ll get over it. it’s just a crush right? He’s just a guy. Nothing special at all. But all the while our stomachs turn backflips and our brains turn too mush each time we talk to them. I talk to him everyday in some form or another. We tell each other everything. He’s one of my best friends. And I’ve been in love with him for about a year. Now I don’t know if I should tell him; don’t know if I should roar. maybe I should keep quiet. Meows cause less trouble, don’t rock the nest. To roar or not to roar, that is the question…


The Very First Day

Today I decided I had quite a lot to say but there weren’t a lot of people to say it to. I’d’ve gone through most of my life feeling like a lion trapped in a cage. And no one would let me roar. Well now’s my time to do it. I’m finally gonna roar and I’m hoping that someone will listen to what I have to say.